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In addition to feature-specific improvements, general optimization techniques, such as broadphase optimization and multithreading support, were implemented for both 2D and 3D environments. Some of these improvements can also be found in recent Godot 3 releases. With that done, it was time to improve the the user side of things. Not sure, but if you check in project settings there are a few options to enable multi-treading. One in "Render" and one in "Physics 2D", although the latter crashes when I set it to multi-threaded. Multi threading for render/physics is not completed yet. It is planned for 2.1 release. 2022. 1. 24. · We are finally ready to release Godot 4.0 alpha 1 — a major milestone on the way to the stable release of Godot 4.0 and all future 4.x releases. As expected of any alpha software, it is still rough on the edges and not intended for use in production, but instead of early testers to find and report bugs, and provide us with feedback on the new features and how to improve them.
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