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January & Wood #003, New Designs for Every Purpose. Lacey #020, Baby Book. Lacey #031, Speed Knits for Tiny Tots. Lily Mills #0051, Crochet Country Fair. Lily Mills #0052, Flower Garden Doilies. Lily Mills #0056, Sunbonnet Lil. Lily Mills #0057, Tablecloths for the Seasons. Lily Mills #0059, Pot Holders and Oven Mitts. The crown continued to deepen in the 1920's, eventually covering the entire head in the 'cloche' style. Brims were optional but usually utilised only on summer hats, where the brim acted as a visor from the sun's rays. By the early 1930's crowns became shallow once again to accommodate the decade's fuller curled hairstyles. Dresses (All Types) At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we offer a large range of patterns to create any kind of dress from the 1930s you can imagine. During the 1930s, there was still a fair amount of fabric used to create long gowns, and two-pieces were also popular. The silhouette had moved onwards slightly from the lean look of the '20s, where.
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